Dec 142012

brown straw bagWhat a wonderful sense of accomplishment you have when you’ve made a handbag yourself. Your mind is so fascinated that you want to race through the project and on to the next simply because there are so many ideas floating to the forefront of your creative thoughts.

It really doesn’t matter if it were a simple clutch purse you made with an old doily, or the place mat you picked up on your last cruise; simplicity has little to do with satisfaction. What is guaranteed though is you will have the desire to take your project to the next level.

For some that’s how it starts off. Then you find yourself dreaming about what else you can use that is not the typical handbag making materials. After that the horses are out the gate and there’s no turning back.

Whether the purse making bug has you making bags for yourself, a gift or for sale you will quickly realize that you want to improve the quality of your work. Of course not all purse designers are concerned about quality, but for the majority that determined to produce a good-looking quality product, skill training is a must.

Handmade Bags are Not the Same as Homemade

One thing designers keep in mind when creating superior handbags is that handmade is definitely not the same as homemade. A DIY bag can be even more impactful than a bag produced in a factory. As a matter of fact many designers have learned the hard way that shipping designs out to a manufacturer does not guarantee good results. How many stories have we heard about handbags not being shop worthy due to poor quality controls. Something we find out after making the final payment and the product delivered.

Of course this is not always the case but for a new designer investing in heaps of money into large minimums of a dream bag that falls apart before it can be sold is not a good feeling at all. And to have to find storage for a room full of bags is even more daunting. There are several ways to avoid this however. One is to camp out or make frequent visits to your manufacturer to ensure your product is being made to your standard and specifications. This can be a costly venture of course if your handbags are being constructed on the other side of the earth. Another simplified option is to learn the process yourself and oversee the production in your own home or facility.

Fresh techniques propel designs to a new level. A handbag made with traditional straps for instance can be even more amazing with snazzy handles, purse feet and a handful of embellishments. Take these little improvements and couple them with those ideas that dance around in your head night and day and yes, you have an original handmade line of handbags fit for any boutique.

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